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Concordia-NY General Library Resource Guide: Database Video Tutorials

This guide contains a number of resources you will find useful for discovering some of the library's most used resources, and information on the research process in general.


Many students today are successful using computers to search the Internet. But few understand database searching well enough to do it effectively. Worry not, you are about to discover a few things that will help you. 

A database is used for finding articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers.

  • Most research databases give abstracts, or summaries, for each article.
  • Many research database will supply the full text of the articles listed in the results. 
  • A research database may be used to identify and access scholarly peer-reviewed articles and studies.   

Selecting the best research database for your topic is an important step. You need to choose a database that covers your topic, type of publication, as well as the dates you need. You can view and search all our databases from this page.

***Below are videos that illustrate how to search different databases.*** 

Creating a basic search

Browsing subject terms

Gale Databases Tutorials

Tips & Tricks

Find a full-text article from a citation

Basic Search

JSTOR in a minute

How to do an advance search

Advance Search

JSTOR Advanced Search

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