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Radiology: Research Process

Finding Reliable Information

This guide is a step towards helping students find reliable information on radiologic technology.  During your research process, if you need assistance please contact the library. 

Research Steps

1.  Identify and define your topic Put your research topic into a question such as, "What is the correct position for a foot x-ray?"  Now you can identify the main concepts and keywords.  Also consider alternate terms or synonyms for your topic. 

2. Background Information.  Use the index in reference books such as encyclopedias to find your keywords or phases.  This will enable you to develop context and background for your research.  Be sure to check out the See also references at the end of encyclopedia articles as well as the bibliographies.

3.  Use the library catalog to find books.  Use your keywords to perform both keyword and subject searches.  

4.  Use the databases to find journal/magazines/newspaper articlesBe sure to choose appropriate databases for your topic.  

5.  Use Internet resources.  You can use Google and/or Wikipedia to find out more about your topic.  Read the article and choose applicable keywords or vocabulary.

6.  Evaluate what you find.  This library guide lists resources from the National Library of Medicine to help you evaluate websites on the Websites page of this guide.

7.  Cite your sources.  Citing gives proper credit to the authors of materials you use and allows your professors to verify your conclusions.

Writing Help at Concordia

If you need help with writing a research paper or academic support,  stop by The John Bahr Writing Center at the Georgia House.



Anatomy of a Scholarly Journal Article

Boolean Operator

At the very core of the research process are words.  Establishing vocabulary control, selecting the right terms, and relating them properly to one another determines the success of the search. 

Collecting synonyms and related terms to a topic, and leveraging the Boolean operator OR, is an inclusive way to search databases. OR is often used to broaden a search by linking together a number of synonyms.  Use the operator OR to search for articles which contain any of your search terms.

How to Cite

How to Reference APA style