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Criminal Justice: Forensic Science

Forensic Science Boards

National Associations

  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) has over 6,000 members and consists of 11 sections of forensic specialities.

  • American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors.  Founded in 1983, ASCLD's web site is updated weekly. It includes a newsletter, employment opportunities links, and a student resource center.
  • Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations.   CFSO is an association of six forensic science professional organizations: American Academy of Forensic Sciences; American Society of Crime Lab Directors; International Association for Identification; American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law; National Association of Medical Examiners; and Society of Forensic Toxicologists - American Board of Forensic Toxicology.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).   The web site has information on what the agency investigates, information about how to use its resources, and a section with quick facts, information technology, and the history of the FBI.
  • National Center for Forensic Science.    NCFS is a program of the National Institute of Justice. The web site has information on training, links, and information on biological, digital, and physical evidence. There are also links to two databases: Ignitable Liquids Reference Collection, and Fire Arson and Mapping. 
  • National Forensic Science Technology Center "The National Forensic Science Technology Center is a not-for-profit corporation funded by a Cooperative Agreement with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and provides programs that build individual competency and quality systems for the forensic science community in the United States."

Specialty Associations