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Finding Statistical Information: Home

This guide serves to help students find statistical information such as charts, graphs, diagrams and/or maps .

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Data

Quantitative data is information that is measured and verified by numbers.  For example, if a student wanted to find out the number of Metro North commuters who has an iPhone vs. an Android,  he/she may hand out a survey to gather this information, then tabulate the results.   The results can be shown by a pie or line chart.  Other ways to depict the results could be a bar graph and/or a table.

Qualitative data is information that approximates and characterizes..  There are no numbers involved, and it is abstract.  This type of data is collected through observations, interviews and focus groups.   Qualitative data in statistics is also known as categorical data because this data can be grouped according to categories.   Using the above example,  if the student wish to know how Metro North commuters feel about their mobile devices, then he/she may conduct a very brief interview during rush hour.

In a nutshell, the main difference between qualitative and quantitative data is that qualitative data doesn't involve numbers whereas quantitative data is all about measurable information that show results in numbers.

Database - Academic Search Complete

Academic Search Complete is a multidisciplinary database that provides full-text articles.  Students can filter their search for articles to include charts, graphs, tables, diagrams and/or maps.   Note the red arrow below.

Database Article from Academic Search Complete

Here are examples of articles from the database, Academic Search Complete, with statistical information that are supported by charts, tables and/or graphs.   The examples below show results using the keyword Snapchat,  and then filtering articles that have charts, tables and graphs.

Database - Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints provides pro and con viewpoint articles, reference articles that provide context, full-text magazines, academic journals, and newspapers, primary source documents, government and organizational statistics, multimedia, including images and podcasts, links to hand-selected web sites.   Statistics are included.

GSS Data Explorer

GSS Data Explorer offers sociological surveys that have been collected since 1972.  Information collected include demographics and respondents' opinions that deal with trends, attitudes and behaviors in American society.


Statista provides analytical information in the form of charts, graphs and related monographs.   Trending topics are included.  Statistical information can be downloaded in four ways - Excel, Powerpoint, PDF and as a PNG file.


Census Data - American FactFinder

American FactFinder offers census related information.   Population, income, married households can be found for a community or geographical area.