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Information Literacy Program Assessment : Partnership Infromation Literacy

Information Literacy Off-Site Library Visits

Goal: To facilitate off-site student and faculty success by providing face-to-face information literacy instruction. To connect information literacy skills with specific student information initiatives, to create wider conversations about scholarship, and to assess student learning after the library visit.

Approach: To best support the Goal, off-site library visits should be systematic and well-timed. The visits should align with the beginning of every new cohort, semester, or high valued research project.

Content: Show-Tell-Practice (STP). The instruction should include: general information literacy topics, introduction and demonstration of library resources, specific information aligned with a particular research assignment.

Assessment: An online multi-question assessment quiz will be administered to the students. If the classroom contains workstations with Internet access, the 8 question quiz could be administered after the instruction, or off-site at a later date delivered by email.  

Assessment will map to:

  • The program/course SLO
  • ACRL’s Framing Information Literacy (i.e., Frames, Knowledge Practices, and Dispositions) 
    • The following ACRL Frames were addressed throughout the library instruction and through the follow-up information literacy quiz

      • Authority Is Constructed and Contextual
      • Information Creation as a Process
      • Information Has Value
      • Research as Inquiry
      • Scholarship as Conversation
      • Searching as Strategic Exploration

Nimber of Off-Campus Library Sessions

Dates: 2017-2019

Partnership Programs # of classes
Business (LIBI) 1
Education CITE 3
Education Montessori 2
Education Sarah Schenirer 8
Grand Total 13