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Information Literacy Program Assessment : Library Single Sessions

Information Literacy "One Shot" Sessions

The library sessions will increase the quality, quantity and diversity of sources students use. Students who attend a session should be more likely to use the specific library resources introduced in the class than those who do not receive an instruction session. 

Session Goals: 

  • Students will identify keywords that represent a research topic and use keywords to find useful information sources.

  • Students will identify databases/resources relevant to their major field of study.

  • Students will find known items via title or author on the web or in a database.

  • Students will find information from appropriate resources.

  • Students will evaluate information sources for relevance, authority, perspective, currency.

To get the most out of a Library session, faculty are asked to:

  • Prep students about the importance of library skills and how they relate to their research.
  • Meet with the librarian who will teach the class to discuss the assignment/project so that the presentation will be tailor-made for the specific needs of their students.

Pre/Post Test

Before a library instruction session begins administering the pre-test will provide a sense of what students know. Later, after students have attended a library class, the same questions are administered on the post-test in order to get a sense of what students have learned.

When grading the tests, instructors assigns a numerical score to both the pre-test and the post-test. To demonstrate that student progress has been made, the post-test score should be higher than the pre-test score.

The tests:

  • identifies topics which the students already know
  • identifies topics which the students don't know
  • identifies which Lesson Plans should be revised



# Library Instruction Classes

​Date: 2016-2019

Departments # of Classes
Adult Ed 5
Biology 2
Business 4
English 24
History 1
Nursing 4
Philosophy 1
Psychology 4
Rad Tech 1
Religion 2
Grand Total 48