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BIO 330: APA Citation

This libguide serves to help students on how to do research and use the library's resources.

Purdue Owl APA Guide

Click on the Purdue University (Owl) APA page below for citation and APA page format instructions.

APA 7th Edition Quick Reference

In-text Citations

APA Style uses what is called an author-date method of citation. The author's surname is inserted with the correct year of publication for the resource.

This citation is used to identify where an idea, thought, or concept originates as you write a research paper. It is placed at the end of a sentence, paragraph, or thought, depending on where your research appears.

Refer to the examples below to review the different ways you can create an in-text citation.

Material Type

In-Text Citation Example

Author’s name in text

Kessler (2003) found that among epidemiological samples…

Author’s name as a reference

The study also showed that there was a high rate of comorbidity with alcohol abuse or dependence and major depression (Kessler, 2003).

Tow authors’ names as a reference

The effects of the study have been demonstrated in the trials (Abrams & Evans, 2007).

Works with no identified author

Important data collected by the Dept. of Education in Victoria has prompted the creation of fact sheets that can be found online (“Fact Sheet Four,” 2010).


Source: University of Wyoming Libraries