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BIO 330: OER Textbooks

This libguide serves to help students on how to do research and use the library's resources.

Open Access Textbooks

Openly licensed biology textbooks created or revised by faculty from British Columbia's post-secondary institutions.

Biology textbooks with a further subject breakdown. Advanced search function provides quality search options.

Natural & physical science textbooks.

Textbooks listed by keyword for browsing, including biology and related topics.

Biology and related textbooks, including anatomy and microbiology.

Biology textbooks from MIT. Limit to online textbooks.

Open textbooks, listed by subject, including biology.

Other Online Resources

Biology and life science titles from the National Academies of Science, available for PDF download.

Free interactive, research-based science and mathematics simulations, written in Java, Flash or HTML5. Can be run online or downloaded to your computer.

UMass Amherst digitized developmental biology films from the 60s and 70s. CC BY license so they can be used widely.